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Who are we ?

Baume De Vie has attracted hundreds of thousands of consumers since 1997. It is the universal balm that brings all your leathers back to life, whether it is your leather goods, your sofas, riding equipment, interior of your home. car or motorcycle equipment: there is something for everyone.


Our teams are present at trade shows and at all major events in order to be as close as possible and attentive to the public.

We offer our customers free maintenance of their leathers during an original and personalized demonstration of our products. This involves renovating your most precious leathers before your eyes, whether they are your shoes, your jackets or your bags. Your leather is nourished and recovers its original color while being waterproofed.

Baume De Vie participates in the maintenance of all your leathers and is constantly working to expand its range of products.

We position our consumers at the center of our business so that we can provide them with the best services and advice based on their needs.


Leather care is our priority

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